Meadway Hall

Meadway Hall Questionnaire Autumn 2022
To ensure the Meadway Hall continues to provide the facilities and activities you would wish,
the Meadway Hall Committee would be most grateful if you would please complete this short questionnaire.
It can be completed per household, or individually and we would ask that you complete it by 31 October 2022.
We hope that, as a result, the Meadway Hall can continue to deliver more of what you want,
which will further strengthen the lovely community spirit that already exists here in Compton Dundon & Littleton.
Are you completing as an Individual or for a Household
1 Do you currently use the Meadway Hall? (Please tick one)
Regularly (approximately every week)
From time-to-time (approximately monthly)
Infrequently (every few months or so)
Seldom (a couple of times a year)
2. If you do use the Meadway Hall, what for? (Please tick all that apply).
The Post Office
To take part in organised regular club activities
To take part in meetings (e.g., Parish Council)
For private use (e.g., a meeting/party/wedding)
To take part in a specific event (e.g., Village Show)
3. Do you attend any of the regular clubs that use the Meadway Hall? If so, which one(s)?
4. Do you help to organise any of the clubs?
5. What additional regular activities would you like to see offered at the Meadway Hall?
6. Would you be able to help run any regular activities?
7. What other occasional activities would you like to see offered at the Meadway Hall? (Such as festive gatherings / specific events etc.).
8. How often?
9. Would you be able to help run occasional activities?
10. What additional facilities / equipment would you like inside or outside the Meadway Hall?
11. Would you be willing to help with any fund raising if necessary?
12. If there was a coffee shop in the Meadway Hall, might you use it? (Please tick).
From time-to-time
13. If you do not use the Meadway Hall at all, please could you tell us why not?
14. How long have you lived in Compton Dundon/Littleton?
15. How old are you? (For each adult if a household)
16. Are there any children in your household? If so, how old are they?
17. If you are willing to be contacted about any of your answers / comments please write your contact details here:
Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, we are very grateful.